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Killa Ketones has been formulated with 16 different ingredients which come together to deliver a holistic fat burner designed to work with womens' bodies. While most fat burners are designed for men, Killa Ketones has looked at the research into what makes it hard for women to burn fat and seeks to overcome that. Anybody wanting to "burn fat" must essentially first mobilise body fat in the first place. Fat is stored far away from the bloodstream and the blood supply to it is poorer than for muscle tissue. Without first getting the fat into general circulation there is no way you can ever oxidise (burn off) fat. Killa Ketones recognises this and contains a number of ingredients which are designed to enhance mobilisation of hard to reach body fat.

Grenade Killa Ketones™ utilise 16 different ingredients which helps to enhance the actual burning of bodyfat including Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Extract, and African Mango. In addition, the inclusion of Garcinia Cambogia, L-Carnitine, and CLA means that just about every effective nutrient which can enhance body composition and accentuate fat loss is included in this product with the exception of stimulants that can cause havoc with users' moods.


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